Sunday, April 1, 2007

A Letter From Grandma Fontaine

Dear Janet and Doug,
           I have been thinking ever since I heard the news that you're having a baby just how lucky that baby is. I say to the baby, "You will have smart, loving parents who will probably spoil you until you get a little older."
          It is a little hard for me to think back 64 years and how your grandfather and I frequently discussed if we could be good parents."Charlie, we don't know anything about it." We often thought in the years that followed that our efforts had been successful.
          I can't think of any special ways we treated them, but I do know that we were always truthful and expected the same from them. We were active in the church and Sunday school and there was no question whether they would go too, especially when we wound up at the Italian restaurant for fresh hot bread and good pizza afterwards.
          I love you both very much and anxiously await the arrival of baby Burns. Grandma Fontaine

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