Friday, July 27, 2007

Blessing Baby Burns- The Mix

Well, Baby Burns, now known as Elliot Doughty Burns, is officially 101 days old now. Old man! And Uncle Kook (formerly known as Kevin Sanderson-Doughty) and Auntie Sarah have been delighting in gazing upon him, singing to him, rocking him, walking him, bouncing him, talking to him, and just generally loving him for just under a week now. Auntie Sarah has been knitting up a storm. And the super soft pants she's been working on are now tumbling in the dryer at Baby Burns' house- she just prays this doesn't ruin them- it's what the pattern said afterall! This house, it seems is often filled with music, the lilting of mama's sweet voice singing to E.D.B., the rockin' of Sweet Home Alabama (E.D.B.'s fave) blaring from speakers, and so I've been inspired, at last, to get my contribution to this shower up- a playlist- the c.d. will be left behind for the Doughty-Burns clan to enjoy, but here is the list of songs it includes, all chosen by Auntie Sarah save for the last which is a contribution from Uncle Kook. For this playlist to be complete it ought to include the lullaby composed by Uncle Kook for Elliot, but.... alas, I don't have a recording of that. So... no time for commentary, just the titles and a c.d. left behind. And an affirmation that this baby whom we loved before he arrived we love even more having now held him in our arms and we pray many, many sweet sweet nights and days to come. Love, Auntie Sarah (who can think of no greater joy than singing to this little dear!)

Godspeed (Sweet Dreams) 4:42 Dixie Chicks Dixie Chicks Home
Somewhere Over The Rainbow 4:09 Pete Seeger A Peaceful World is Possible
Everything Possible 4:08 Fred Small No Limit
Burgundy Heart Shaped Medallion 1:37 David Wilcox Home Again
Bird Song 2:45 Jewel Spirit

My Darling Child 3:09 Sinead O'Connor Universal Mother
In this Heart 3:10 Sinead O'Connor Universal Mother
Born 6:13 Over the Rhine Drunkard's Prayer
With This Love (Choir) 3:20 Peter Gabriel Passion: Music For The Last Temptation Of Christ
You Are My Sunshine 4:27 Norman Blake O Brother, Where Art Thou?
April Come She Will 2:37 Simon & Garfunkel The Concert In Central Park
Lullaby 3:46 Trout Fishing in America Family Music Party