Sunday, April 1, 2007

A Letter From Grandma Fontaine

Dear Janet and Doug,
           I have been thinking ever since I heard the news that you're having a baby just how lucky that baby is. I say to the baby, "You will have smart, loving parents who will probably spoil you until you get a little older."
          It is a little hard for me to think back 64 years and how your grandfather and I frequently discussed if we could be good parents."Charlie, we don't know anything about it." We often thought in the years that followed that our efforts had been successful.
          I can't think of any special ways we treated them, but I do know that we were always truthful and expected the same from them. We were active in the church and Sunday school and there was no question whether they would go too, especially when we wound up at the Italian restaurant for fresh hot bread and good pizza afterwards.
          I love you both very much and anxiously await the arrival of baby Burns. Grandma Fontaine

And Janet and Doug just want to say...

Wow!! We have been feeling so blessed throughout this pregnancy, and this is just one more example of how thoughtful and generous people are being to us. Since you have taken the time to create such supportive entries, we certainly expect to respond to each of you in person, but we wanted to let you all know through this virtual shower how touched we are by this.

Your outpouring of kind words means so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you....what a wonderful family we have! And this little one has no idea how lucky a child it will be to be related to you great people!!

All is moving along nicely (well, okay, no need to be nervous, nothing is "moving" except the baby, and that's quite a bit) and we are definitely getting comfortable as the due date of April 15 approaches. Baby continues to check out fine at the weekly appointments, and Mommy's feeling pretty good (still sleeping through most nights, mercifully), and Daddy's excited, too (also sleeping through most nights....again, mercifully).

We look forward to introducing this child to each of you. Your blessings on us are truly a wonderful welcome for this baby. Thank you all!

Janet and Doug