Friday, February 9, 2007

Sorry, we won't be measuring any bellies here...

Welcome to a virtual shower for Baby Burns- the soon to arrive first born beloved of Janet Doughty and Doug Burns. As many of us who love Janet and Doug are far flung, getting together to play goofy games and gloriously gift the expectant mom and dad to be and eat cake is not likely to happen. But we can bless this baby, and this lovely couple, from afar thanks to the wonders of the web.

If you have found this site it is likely because you received an e-mail directing you here. I ask that you please forward that e-mail to anyone who knows and loves this baby already because they know and love Janet and Doug. And that if you have a blessing, words of wisdom, a picture, anything that you want to offer through this forum send it to me, the one married to the guy who's itching to be the crazy uncle about whom children are warned, that would be Sarah, the ecstatic sister-in-law. Kevin says that's a long and confusing sentence. So, to be clear, please send contributions to this blog (written or picture or links) to my e-mail address. Once we accumulate lots of good posts here I'll invite Janet and Doug to this virtual shower.

Alright, now let's bless baby burns!

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